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For our KETOGENIC DINNERS we like to offer you a vegan meditation (a two serving selection of thoughtfully prepared veggie medley or one of our vegan creamy soups that you can eat with any protein (the soups can also be used as a sauce for any of our veggie infused meat globes.) We only lightly steam our veggies so we recommend only heating them to make them hot to keep our "almost raw' intent intact. If you are not in the mood, however, for a standard dinner, feel free to eat some keto cake, chocolate or pie instead and have yourself a fabulous KETO EVENING!  ENJOY!  All of our meals are interchangeable so feel free to have one of our brunches for dinner and visa versa! We suggest adding a KETOLOAF (savory) Muffin with your dinner or one of our Ketogenic Butter Breads.  PS NUTRIENTS COMING SOON ONCE WE OFFICIALLY DECIDE PORTION SIZES. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR KETO MEALS HAVE MORE VEGGIES THAN PROTEINS AS WE FEEL THAT IS HEALTHIER AND THAT AMERICANS EAT WAY TOO MUCH PROTEIN. SPECIAL ORDERS FOR HIGHER PROTEIN MEALS FOR ATHLETES AND SPECIAL MEDICAL CONDITIONS CAN BE MADE - JUST CALL IRIS 661-733-5843 to make your special requests or email Iris at ENJOY!