Keto Vegan Sampler - 15-Pak


We will fill a box with whatever we have freshly made in the kitchen the week you order! We usually include Vegan Cream Soups, Vegan Veggie Medleys, Vegan Chocolate Bars and our Vegan Breakfast Cookie, our Nut Butter pouches, our Vegan Cereal Sampler and our Vegan Cream Pie Tartlets.  AND OUR TOP OF THE LINE CASHEW ICE CREAM VEGAN BAR!

No other store in the world specializes in Keto Vegan like we do!

Are you Vegan?

Are you trying to do low carb or Keto?

GET OUR SAMPLER and see what you think! If you want to make special requests, email or call me and I'll see what we can put together for you!

All my best!


661-733-5843 to order by phone.