7-DAY KETO BEGINNER's EVERYTHING PLAN (21 Keto Meals & 14 Keto Dessert-meals weekly)


7 KETO Breakfast: Granolas, Ketoloaf Muffins, Ketoloaf Bagels (special order only), NUT FREE Butter Breads or Cakes,  (All great with organic eggs or any spread or proteins or fats that you love!) We Keto Dieters don't normally eat breakfast, however if you are a beginner, we provide this option till you get used to the lifestyle. Your appetite will lesson as you get into Ketosis.

7 KETO Lunches: Keto Pizzas on Ketoloaf Crust, Keto Pizza on Coconut Butter Crust, Keto Vegan & Vegetarian Soups, Nut Butter Sandwiches, Ketoloaf Muffins, Ketogenic Vegan Meditations and our Keto Breads. (Great with home made fresh salads and your own extra proteins when needed.)

7 KETO Dinners: FROM OUR SPECIAL CHEF's HOME-MADE COLLECTION: Made from a variety of organic meats, meat patties, meaties, fishies, chickies, ducks and other precious humanely treated and carefully fed pasture raised animals and creatures from the oceans in addition to surprise Quiches, Vegetable Meditations, Soups, and our newest surprise menu items that we frequently create!

14 KETO Desserts: Ketoloaf Brownies, Ketogenic Fat Bomb Cookies & Keto Bars, Cream Pie Tartlett Fat Bombs, NUT FREE Butter Cakes, Keto Devils and whatever other surprise we might have cooked up the week we send your order out! 


Each Dessert can be eaten as a whole meal replacement or in addition to a meal or as a HEALTHY snack since every ingredient is a wholesome complete whole food item! Our Desserts are full KETO MEALS. Our Butter Breads are full KETO MEALS all by themselves or toasted with a spread or sandwich protein etc...  You do NOT need a lot of our food to get filled up! Every item is designed to fill you up and help with suppressing your appetite.