Keto Bakery Sampler - 21-Pak

In this box we include a wide variety of baked Keto Butter Breads, Ketoloafs (nut based breads and cakes), Keto Butter Cakes, Keto Devils, Keto Brownies, Keto Cream Pie Tartlets, Keto Chocolates and Keto Bars/Cookies etc... and our Keto Pizzas and whatever else we might have in the kitchen the week you order! There is NOTHING like this sampler box anywhere in the world!

If you are Vegetarian?

If you are trying to live a low carb lifestyle or do a Keto Diet?

Give us a shot!

For any questions, call me anytime 661-733-5843.



Perishable items ship on ICE.   FREE SHIPPING orders $120 and up.