Humanely Raised Antibiotic Free Baked Duck Leg on Seasonal Vegetables and Sesame Mash smothered in Iris' Special Cashew-Fruity-and-Sweet-Duck Cream Sauce

All our meats are organic grass fed / pasture raised in humane conditions. Feel free to write us and give us suggestions! This AMAZING KETO MEAL features a freshly baked Duck Leg placed upon a bed of Seasonal Vegetables and drenched in Iris' special Cashew Fruity-and-Sweet-Duck Cream Sauce which will send you on a brief trip to Heaven-Yum during your meal. Please note that we put MORE VEGETABLES than PROTEINS in this meal to help you with your fiber and natural plant foods nutrient needs. We use this yummy organic cashew based sauce to help you get those healthy veggies "down" the hatch! Feel free to write me your special requests and dream dinners and I will try to make them for you! Don't be a stranger! I want to hear from you! Let me know what you need and want. PS all my special sauces are veggie infused and Vegan/Paleo compliant even though they are a "cream" sauce, our creaminess is made from organic cashews blended up with greens herbs, spices and almond milk. Our High Protein High Nutrient High Fiber Sesame Mash is our substitute for Mashed Potato!