Organic Farmed Jumbo Shrimp Floating in Bed of Butter and Herbs

All our meats are organic grass fed / pasture raised in humane conditions. For Seafood, we are still trying to figure it out, and are currently using Organic Farm Raised Shrimps - but write to use and give us suggestions! This AMAZING KETO MEAL features freshly baked Organic Farm Raised Shrimps lightly sauteed in butter and herbs.

Pick your Veggie Packets to go with this fabulous protein entree! 

Don't be a stranger! I want to hear from you! Let me know what you need and want. PS all my special sauces are veggie infused and Vegan/Paleo compliant even though they are a "cream" sauce, our creaminess is made from organic cashews blended up with greens herbs, spices and almond milk.