Vegan Meal Bar ~ Low Carb Cashew Ice-Cream Sandwich Keto Meal Bar - (Organic, Raw, Keto & Vegan!)

KETO VEGAN ICE CREAM SANDWICH CARB-UP KETO MEAL KETO BAR - For the first time EVER in the world... KETO VEGAN ICE CREAM made from organic raw cashews smothered in organic dark chocolate cracker made by mixing raw nuts into the cacao butter and cacao with no alkali so all the nutrients are still intact! THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME KETO TREAT / KETO CARB UP MEAL! CAREFUL! THESE ARE A KETO CARB UP DELICIOUS TREAT! High Net Carbs so this will be your CHEAT MEAL! Tastes like Oreo Cookies or Cookies'n Cream regular ice cream but this one is VEGAN and it's low carb KETO too! THIS IS A BRAND NEW PRODUCT!  This is NOT a light snack! This is a bountiful keto vegan MEAL with loads of protein, fiber and fat (and LOADS of calories!) - low carb! STRICT KETO DIETERS SHOULD ONLY EAT 1/2 BAR because of carb counts - check out below nutrients for 1/2 bar and full bar. Unless you are on your CARB-UP day or fasting all day and JUST Splurging on this yummy VEGAN BAR TREAT!

INGREDIENTS: Raw Organic Cashews, Raw Organic Walnuts, Raw Organic Pecans, Raw Organic Almonds, Raw Organic Coconut, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Organic Cacao Powder (no alkali), , Lemons,  Himalyan Pink Salt, Vanilla & a very very tiny pinch of Organic Monk Fruit V-50 - ALL RAW - ALL VEGAN - ALL KETO - ALL ORGANIC!

PS Our new boxes coming soon! See the blue box sample.