Keto Soup ~ Mushroom Cream Keto Soup (Low Carb, Gluten Free & Vegan!)

Here at we have created the healthiest possible low carb KETOGENIC and VEGAN Cream Soup Alternative to commercial toxin-filled processed soups.

All of our Keto Vegan Cream Soups are simply made with a handful of whole foods ingredients, a sprinkle of Himalayan Pink Salt and Herbs/Spices to taste. Our Keto Vegan Creams are made from Cashews and or Coconut Milk and sometimes some pecans are added too and just enough Organic Raw Coconut Oil to increase the fat content in order to qualify as KETO.

NONE of our Soups are cooked! They are only put into a super powerful blender to cream them up and they are heated to soften. To maintain the enzyme integrity of this product, DO NOT BOIL! OK to heat up in an oven or pot or even microwave but DO NOT BOIL unless you want to kill it and don't care about optimal health. We do...

On a KETOGENIC Diet, people frequently forget how important it is to get your quota of fiber and whole foods veggies. It is because of this we made our soups easy to heat up and guzzle down with your protein. These soups are also very good as a sauce for your meats or on your sandwhiches (Don't forget our KETO Muffins [nut based] and KETO Breads [coconut based]!)  One Soup Packet with one of our KETO Muffins or one of our KETO breads is a FULL and HEFTY fiber packed KETO MEAL so consider a soup and keto bread or keto muffin for your next uber healthy keto lunch!

With best wishes for your health and healing!