Our Organic Meat Burgers / Are intended to reduce the consumption of meat and increase the consumption of vegetables and thus fiber. To do this we infuse the meat with fresh chopped veggies, herbs and spices before completion to make one KETO TO GO MEAT BURGERS your perfect KETO MEAL. Can be eaten with our Butter Breads or Ketoloaf Muffins (to substitute your normal hamburger bun) and can be eaten otherwise with one of our vegan mour vegan cream soups (those can also be used as a sauce or you can cut up your meat globe and add it to your soup to make the perfect KETO PALEO meal.) ENJOY!

We are now making our Meat Burgers in Bar Shape till we get our round burger molds -  HOWEVER they are the perfect shape to combine with our KETOLOAF Muffin to make a real burger with it's own Muffin, we recommend getting either Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sunflower Flax Seed or Pizza Flavored Ketoloaf Muffins to go with your burgers!