About Our Food

As a naturalist and the creator of KETO-TO-GO, my preference and intuitive inclinations on all levels is to lean towards a VEGAN DIET over all other choices. Initially I was only going to create a VEGAN Keto-to-go and possibly a VEGETARIAN option, however, demanding relatives and friends who are very meat-driven and habituated to the MEAT-BASED lifestyle insisted that I include meat and Paleo/meat options. Because of this demand, I am in the process of developing menu choices for all three life styles. VEGAN/KETO. VEGETARIAN/KETO & PALEO/KETO.  I am dragged into providing meat meals (kicking and rebelling...) and along with some of the DOCTORS that recommend KETO TO GO, they love the VEGAN and VEGETARIAN KETO options because those are the hardest to formulate!

EXTREME-KETO which consists of only 4:1 & 5:1 very strict fat –to-protein-to net-carb ratios that are often suggested for treating Epilepsy and other similar conditions and now also cancer patients. Ratios of each item will always be provided. Also provided are the ingredients lists and nutrients, calories and grams for those who want to get very specific about what they are ingesting. We are adding other products like MENOPAUSE pudding for women post or during menopause and other more moderate KETO meals for those that are only weight loss, or fitness oriented and don't need the extreme ratios that most of our products and desserts boast of. If you want me to design a product or meal plan for you? CALL! 201-836-6085!

Organic & Non-GMO

We try, wherever possible, to obtain the highest quality organic products when they are available. We never knowingly purchase any products that are GMO fed or GMO grown. This is, however, an extremely difficult task because of tricky labeling of products, because of dishonest vendors. I have found that there are a lot of sneaky tricks to hide the truth about the foods we are purchasing. We can only try our best to find the cleanest and best ingredients that we can. Not every ingredient in our products is Organic, but some items we are religious about - such as dairy products, eggs, meats, coconut oils etc...


Frequently, products are labeled as Organic and "approved" yet might not be so. We are, however, on a continual mission to find our grass fed, truly grass fed, and free range truly free range and hand maintained farms with farmers we can actually talk to about how they do their business. We do our very best to only use products that we believe have been grown without excessive pesticides and dairy and meats that have not been treated with antibiotics, growth hormones or fed on GMO feed. Sometimes, if we find a small local farmer that we believe has healthy growing practices but does not have the enormous funds to pay for government Organic certifications, we may include the products of this farmer if we believe in our hearts that they are clean. Many organic farmers that are government approved have been found to use chemicals that are even worse than NON Organic products so it is truly a challenge to be authentic and clean. Know that we are working on this very hard! What a mess! However possible, we try to include as many organic ingredients as we can to the best of our abilities. It is not always possible to obtain some organic ingredients.

We do not add any sugars in any form whatsoever to any of our meals or desserts and we do not add any chemicals or additives other than a simple Vanilla, Almond, Lemon or other pure organic flavor extract. We meticulously count every teaspoon of extract flavoring as .5 net carbs, although for those items, I cannot find any literature confirming the actual count of net carbs for those items. The containers all say “zero” carbohydrates on them. I don’t believe that is possible. Even one large egg has .6 net carbs and I count up to two decimals of net carbs for every ingredient. If a person can't have more than 10 net carbs per day on some very strict diets, even tiny fractions of a net carb will make a big difference for them, so we count even the two decimal fractions of net carbs! Those of you that are reading this, and need to be very careful, please let me know if you want me to add a 3rd decimal place!

I have ADDED an assumed .25 or .5 count of carbohydrates when products list themselves as zero BECAUSE our government has allowed food producers to create very small serving sizes without requiring decimal amounts to be on the label, so you could have a product with added sugars, like a typical Mayonaise that is listed as having zero carbs, but that is simply NOT TRUE! Technically, Mayo is allowed to present itself as Carb-Free but in fact, one tablespoon might have .8 or .9 carbs, which is almost entire 1 carbohydrate! For someone who is trying to stay in ketosis, that could be almost a 10% allowance for their diet so every fraction of a carb that we can estimate or calculate is added onto our labels to attempt to correct the misinformation that we are suspicious of on standard labels.

Sweeteners: All of our menu items, if sweetened, are only sweetened with Pure Monk Fruit Powder. The Monk Fruit we use is pure with ZERO, labeled as organic from China (so  is it?) other sweeteners have fillers added and have a bad rap on the Internet so we don't take a chance on them. IF you buy things in the store or on the Internet, there are many deceiving labels that say things like "natural" but have other ingredients added that could spike blood sugar. We are extremely careful to NEVER use any Stevia or Monk "mixes." We only use PURE Monk Fruit Powder 50-V. PERIOD. We have been led to believe that these two sweeteners do not spike the blood sugar.

No Added Sugars Ever: We NEVER add any form of sugar in any of it’s numerous names and chemical masks into any of our food products. Some foods have natural sugars, all our labels will indicate the natural existing sugars in each meal and snack or desert.



NO GRAIN! & NO GLUTEN: All of our products do not have any grains or glutens added into them. We are developing substitute breads and bakery items that are made from nut-flours and other non-grain and gluten-free food substances mostly Coconut Flour. You can see the ingredients clearly posted for every food we put up on the website for sale. While we do not use any products with grain or gluten in them, we do cook and prep our foods in a shared commercial kitchen where other grain products or gluten products may have been present and tiny particles could technically be existent in the air however we completely scrub that kitchen down every time we enter to sterilize all surfaces the best we can. Can you imagine? We have to clean the kitchen BEFORE and AFTER we use it! 

Please note that many Gluten Free products are made on a base of rice-flour. Rice flour is a very high-carb product and is a grain so we do not ever use any rice in any of our products. In addition, we have read reports that a large percentage of rice grown in the US is contaminated with arsenic so for our Gluten-Free-Patrons, please do your research! 

Our Food Labels: All of our products are carefully labeled to indicate to the Keto Dieter exactly the ratios and percentages of fat/protein/carb/net-carb that are contained within each item we sell. On our labels, we will also indicate if the product is VEGAN-KETO (no dairy, no eggs, no meat), VEGETARIAN-KETO (could contain cheese or eggs), or PALEO-KETO (could contain meat, fish, eggs, etc…) As much as possible, except for our tasty cheese cakes, ice-creamies, vegetarian orbs and butter filled deserts, we try as much as possible to have both dairy and cassein free options of most of our menu items. If our product doesn't have a label, we have the nutrients and ingredients posted on line.

Our food labels will all clearly indicate the percentages of Fats to Calories, Protein to Calories and Net Carbs to Calories in addition to the standard labeling requirements of food brought to market.


Freezing Our Foods: The instant our foods are either prepared or cooked they are popped into a freezer. Most of our foods will be sold frozen and some bakery items might be able to last in the fridge for a week, however for shipping purposes, almost all items will be shipped on Ice which will be gone by the time your products arrive. Just toss them right into the freezer to preserve them as quickly as you can! KEEP THEM FROZEN IN YOUR HOMES UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO EAT THEM!

OUR PLAN: The Kosher Option we are aiming for:  Our plan is to have a Kosher Kitchen by 2021. We can only do that with your help! Contact us to be put on our mailing list so we can grow a base of Kosher Keto enthusiasts. Thanks!



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