• Where &  How do you deliver?
    1. For 2017, anywhere in the Continental United States by FED-EX GROUND SHIP (on Dry Ice Frozen in insulated shipping containers.) 2-5 day shipping, packed and released on Mondays. Orders wrapped in bubble wrap and organized on weekends. So your orders must be in by Fridays at noon. Some exceptions can be made but CALL if you missed the deadline! 201-836-6085.
    2. Local North Jersey residents can arrange for pick-ups Anytime by appointment - CALL: 201-836-6085. 
    3. How Much does Shipping Cost? Rates will vary depending on the size of shipment and weight of the products ordered including the dry ice, hold onto your hats, shipping in insulated containers with Dry Ice is expensive!  We are very sorry about that. Our Average Shipping including the cooler, the dry ice, FedEx and the labor averages at about $46-$66. Via USPS average packages sent via Priority 2-3 day mail can cost from $9-$25. Our chocolates and cereals which do not require freezing or our monk fruit packets or KETOLADE packets do not require freezing so those shipments are very inexpensive.
    4. How are foods transported? FEDEX, UPS, USPS varies depending on how many items you purchased, size of box, distance etc... many factors... this shipping thing is complicated!
    5. Any special instructions on how to store/ handle the foods? Most KETO-TO-GO products are frozen and must stay frozen and be put into the freezer immediately upon receipt. KEEP FROZEN until you are ready to eat. OK to defrost in fridge or room temperature a few hours before eating but no product made at our Each product comes with it's own instructions. Please read them carefully and follow them!  If you lose them, email Iris at keto.to.go.by.iris@gmail.com to get another copy of prep instructions emailed to you. Read your instructions! Our foods are NOT typical and have different handling and preparation instructions than similar "regular" foods.
  • How long do I wait until my food arrives once I make my online order?
    1. All orders must be received, each week, by Friday at noon. Some exceptions can be made, but CALL if ordering on weekend for a Monday Shipment. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO LOCAL RESIDENTS in and around North Jersey or NYC.
    2. Shipping orders: In order to preserve maximum freshness, orders are processed, created and immediately frozen and shipped out the following Mondays depending on the destinations and size of the orders. All orders are expected to arrive within 2-4 days after that. So earliest would be a Tues-Friday delivery. 
  • Can I pick up my food orders if I live close by to North Jersey?
    1. Yes! – indicate that in your order form and you can pick up on by appointment anytime but you must make sure we are available!
  • What medical professionals are involved with this program?
    1. See our list of advisers and associates listed on the “OUR TEAM” page in the ABOUT section of our website. Our list of advisers is growing!
    2. You can also see more medical professionals listed on our “NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION” page listed in the HOW IT WORKS section of our website.
  • Have your foods been medically approved?
    1. Every single item that we sell on our website, especially the individually created recipes for meals, sweets and other food recipe items will have nutrients and macros obtained from the US Government website and presented to you on labels which are both on our website and in your packages that we send you.
    2. You need to consult with your own doctor to review medical studies of the ingredients and ingredient combinations that we have put together. We have followed "rules" as presented on various medical websites.
    3. Please note that our Executive Chef can "meet" via skype or Team Viewer or conference call with your Health Professional to prepare the exact KETO plan for YOUR needs.
  • Where can I find the nutritional information on your foods?
    1. The nutritional information is listed on the packaging of every item that we sell. We list the ingredients, we list the nutrients and we list the KETOGENIC RATIO of each item as well. All nutrients, ingredients and ratios will also be listed on the website. For new products that don't yet have packaging, the nutrients can be found on the website here.
  • Can you design a meal plan specifically for me and my medical needs?
    1. If you work with a registered dietitian and wish to embark on a full-time Ketogenic Diet with KETO-TO-GO, yes, you can get your meals specifically designed and prepared JUST FOR YOUR SPECIFIC REQUESTS! For a full time program, you need medical approval from your physician or dietitian. While we are not dietitians nor do we make any recommendations for any diets as we are not medically trained, we do list a few registered dietitians on our website that are educated in the KETOGENIC DIET and licensed to calculate macros for whatever specific needs you have.
    2. How do I enroll to participate in a scientific study using your Ketogenic food products?
    1. Go to the section on our website called HOW IT WORKS and click on the menu item called “JOIN A KETOGENIC-DIET-TEAM” and that page will connect you with a link to submit your interest in becoming a part of history and a part of science documenting your journey on the KETO DIET.
    2. Once we have a team of dietitians and medical professionals in place to supervise, we will be in touch with you to join up with us!
    1. A Keto-Retreat is a mini-vacation for people interested in learning about the Keto diet in a resort setting at the same time as meeting with health professionals, getting physical evaluations and learning about the benefits that are scientifically proven (or not proven) for the particular condition you are looking to improve.
    2. On our retreat you can relax, enjoy nature, work out, swim, hike, fish, boat and so much more. We will also have a variety of practitioners of meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, and Keto-teachers and an on-site dietitian that you can chose to work with and enjoy.
    3. Our retreats are held at The Lake Illyria Estate and at the Lake House Gallery on The Estate. Both houses have hot tubs, swimming pools, playgrounds and wooded mountainside peace and quiet. A private lake is the setting for our retreats and you can learn more about the properties at http://www.lakeillyriaestate.com There are videos and photos there.
  • How can a KETO-RETREAT benefit me?
    1. A Keto Retreat can help you learn about your own physical needs and if the Ketogenic Diet will be a good process for you to do.
    2. A Keto Retreat will teach you how to prepare meals, how to be successful at this diet and what to expect.
    3. A Keto Retreat will be relaxing and invigorating as you work with different health professionals to find the best path for you.
    4. A Keto Retreat will introduce you to other Keto Journey Seekers that could become friends and a part of a diet future support group for you. A difficult diet is always easier with friends and partners to chat with about the ups and downs.
    5. A KETO RETREAT allows you to have a KETO VACATION without worrying about weak moments and straying off your KETO PATH!
  • How do I apply to attend a KETO-RETREAT?
    1. To apply to attend a KETO-RETREAT, go to the menu option on our website called KETO-RETREATS and follow the links to apply to attend.
  • How do I lose weight with weekly meals provided by KETO-TO-GO?
    1. You need to plan the amounts of foods and which types of foods and which Keto ratio will work best for you. For this we recommend you work with a Keto Specialized Dietitian, either your own or one that we recommend on our website.
  • If I am local, where and how do I pick-up my food boxes?
    1. Call for an appointment! 201-836-6085.
    2. How long will my KETO-TO-GO products stay fresh and how do I store them?  Our meals and food items stay fresh up to 2-5 days in the fridge and up to 3-6 months in the freezer (sometimes longer).  Any meals and/or foods that are not consumed or frozen within 5 days must be discarded. Make sure to FREEZE everything we give you immediately upon arrival to your home. 
    3. WHAT is the best way to prepare and serve my KETO-TO-GO meals and sweets?
    1. Almost all of our Keto Meals and Sweets will arrive frozen. KEEP THEM FROZEN and get them into your freezer immediately upon arrival to insure freshness.
    2. Each KETO-TO-GO product will have a different set of instructions on how to prepare and serve and enjoy that specific product. Some products are frozen and eaten frozen (like our energy orbs and Keto-Pops, and Keto-Salad-Bars) some products like our soups, broths and hot creamys are defrosted and served hot etc. Each product has their own rules and comes with instructions. We email you these instructions when you make your orders.
    3. What are the ingredients that you use and where do you buy them?
    1. All of our ingredients are NON-GMO, organic from the smallest organic farmers that we can find (we believe that the bigger the farm, the less organic the products probably are). We don’t purchase products that we suspect might have a GMO product within the ingredients. We don’t add any MSG to our products and we don’t purchase any ingredients that we believe might have MSG hidden within by any of it’s numerous suspicious names. We don’t add any sugar(s) or alcohol-sugars to our products and we don’t purchase products that we suspect have sugars lurking inside them under their various suspicious names. We only use PURE MONK POWDER and PURE STEVIA LEAF and work very hard to make sure that these sweeteners have not been laced with other hidden fillers or sweeteners. Some of the different brands are very sneaky and add a ton of fillers, “natural flavors” (whatever the heck those are), and other sweeteners (that spike the blood sugar) and, indeed, we go to great lengths to not be tricked by the devious who name their products one thing and underhandedly try to sneak other ingredients into the packages! If you feel we might have been duped by a vendor and you see a blood sugar spike, PLEASE CALL US RIGHT AWAY so we can figure it out!
    2. In our society, one can never fully guarantee that a product has not been contaminated with a pesticide or with a GMO or even with a secret and unrevealed ingredient.  However, we do our very best to purchase our ingredients from the most reliable and direct sources we can obtain for the actual original product. In most cases, we try to go directly to the farm and work directly with the farmers. We hope one day to own our own farm so we can be more “hands on!”
    3. Eventually we hope to have a totally KETO/VEGAN-friendly diet and also regular Vegan boxed meal options as we believe that plant-based foods have the lowest environmental impact and the greatest nutritional and health giving values.
  • DO YOU HAVE AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM  I CAN JOIN? I HAVE FRIENDS AND FAMILY I WOULD LIKE TO REFER!  Yes we do! Our Affiliate program is officially launched and we are proud to say that we are recommended enthusiastically by quite a few Doctors that are recommending the KETOGENIC diet as medical therapy for their patients. We will be offering up coupons towards future purchases of KETO-TO-GO products for loyal customers who bring in their families and friends. Our rewards program will be explained on our affiliates page on the website and will be available for participation in the summer of 2018 (NOW!)
  • I have a store and would like to sell KETO-TO-GO products. Do you have a wholesale program? YES WE DO. Call for your wholesale code and set yourself up as a KETO-TO-GO vendor and we will get you started. THAT WILL START AS SOON AS WE FINALIZE OUR PACKAGING hopefully in the fall of 2018.



DISCLAIMER: The claims made within this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The products and information offered both on the website and on any packaging labels or advertisements but not limited to within this website, are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided within this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. This also applies to any and all of our packaging to KETO-TO-GO products herein and future products coming soon. You should ALWAYS consult with a licensed health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem