Original Creator, Recipe and The Original-brand-new-products creator; and now, The Owner of “KETO-TO-GO LLC.”  Iris is also the initial tester of the “KETO-TO-GO” life-style recipes and will never include any recipe that she has not tried and lived on herself first. Even though her ultimate goal is to become 100% Vegan, she has (even with dairy allergies and sensitivities) tried and “lived on” every single item that is being promoted by KETO-TO-GO

Iris has a Master’s Degree from the Juilliard School of Music, is a composer, a writer and an inventor. Iris created the extremely popular event planning and entertainment company IGMC in 1989. During IGMC productions, Iris has worked on more than a hundred million dollars of corporate and social catered events. She is very familiar with all aspects of producing events and production in general and is a dynamo coordinator. (You can learn more about IGMC here: http://www.igmc.net.)

Iris created “KETO-TO-GO” when she became ill with no results-oriented help from a number of doctors. Iris found that The Ketogenic Diet was her solution.  She also came to learn that doing this diet properly can become an all-encompassing and full time job. Iris could NOT find one 4:1 Ketogenic Food option in any store or on line, nothing, anywhere! In addition, Iris accidentally (at first) created some imaginative new food options and combinations that were more than just tolerable, they were exceptionally yummy. Iris shared her Keto Yummies with friends who started demanding repeat meals. It is out of the deepest desire to be of service and lessen suffering in others wanting to try the Ketogenic Lifestyle that KETO-TO-GO was created.

Iris’ personal passion and motivation ~ Iris’ Dad died a horrible death from Pancreatic Cancer and pro-actively Iris believes that The Ketogenic Diet will reduce her chances of following in his footsteps since the studies by The Ketopet Sanctuary and Epigenix Foundation with healing dogs with Cancer has been so promising and even more promising the most recent medically supervised treatments of high-stage Cancer Patients in Turkey that had “miraculous” results of both remissions and improvements previously unseen within the medical community. (Look up: Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum from the ChemoThermia Oncology Center in Turkey and their six year observations of advanced Cancer patients using Ketogenic Diets as part of their treatment schedules.) It is because of this and her belief that The Ketogenic Diet is prevention for her, that she has dived with passion into creating, building and sharing the KETO-TO-GO experience of truly yummy food combinations that make sticking to a Ketogenic Diet both easy and something to look forward to!

Iris’ continuing role with KETO-TO-GO is to be continually improving menu items and designing new food combinations, interacting with Doctors and Dieticians to continually be improving and advancing a health oriented objective to all participants and staying on top of the latest health findings to incorporate into the Yummies that KETO-TO-GO cooks up and makes available.   Iris looks forward to more advice from Medical Professionals to continue to improve and be the food sources that Ketogenic Dieters turn to for their sustenance.

Iris not only taste tests all products that come out of the kitchen, but she lives on them as well to test viability in staying in Ketosis while using the products and also testing how they feel in the body. No product gets released from KETO-TO-GO without first being in the company owner's regular diet for a period of time.




 Jill R Silverman Ph.D., R.D. is an adjunct associate professor at NYIT and a practicing Registered Dietitian at the Psychological Health Collaboration in Roslyn, NY.  Dr. Jill has been a private practice dietitian for over 14 years with a specialty in pediatric nutrition and weight. Other fields of interest include adult weight management, nutrition and disease states, specialty diets (IBS, veganism, ketogenic; gluten/casein free); recipe modification and personalized supermarket shopping. 

Dr. Jill Silverman, has numerous publications in several peer-reviewed journals and has worked as a wellness consultant at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Westbrook Residential Home (a residential school for people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and several Long Island schools. 

In addition to educating her clients, she utilizes her nutritional knowledge every day in her own home. She is the mother of 3 children, one with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Because of this, Dr. Jill Silverman, PH.D., R.D. has years of very close personal experience with specialty diets and alternative treatments. Specifically, in an effort to optimize her son’s health, as well as the behaviors of her son’s and others associated with ASDs and other similar conditions.

Dr. Jill, her children, friends, associates and patients are among the first beta-testers of all KETO-TO-GO products as they become available.



After graduating from Cornell University, Allen Kors worked for the world's premier financial firms, with positions in investment banking, private equity, and angel investing.  During this period, he oversaw investments into and operations for a multitude of consumer and technology companies.  

Currently, Allen serves as a business strategy and management consultant and has just recently joined KETO-TO-GO LLC to assist with the lightening speed growth that is expected upon company launch. Working closely with Iris, Allen focuses on technical set-ups, streamlining processes, evaluating, implementing and managing key growth functions, including customer acquisition, cost optimization, business development, digital marketing, financial analysis, affiliate programs and public relations. Allen is a total "WIZ" on computers, business structuring, creating systems and operations that are streamlining KETO-TO-GO.

Most recently, Allen has been able to put Iris' concept and design of a KETOGENIC DIET analyzing Excel spreadsheet together that will automatically calculate the nutrients of each food in each recipe so that when Iris and Executive Chef Chemist Steve get into the kitchen with each recipe, they can finely tune each recipe down to the double fraction of a percentage of accuracy as to the KETOGENIC Ratios of each ingredient that is put into each KETO-TO-GO product!

In addition, Allen is able to put together Iris' other request for a recipe MENU CALCULATOR for dietitians and KETO-TO-GO Customers that will allow them to input which products they want to eat on any given day and this EXCEL SPREADSHEET CALCULATOR will help them to add up all the nutrients, net carbs, fat content and proteins to help the users stick to their recommended totals for each day.

These special additions to our processes are extremely exciting and put KETO-TO-GO at the forefront of technology within the KETOGENIC world of dieters! More is on the way soon!

Allen is another happy tester of KETO-TO-GO products as they get produced.




 Alicja Nowak earned her Master’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management at Keller Graduate  School of Management (Paramus NJ) Alicja has almost a decade of years of accounting office experience.  Alicja strives to learn new ways of doing things and she is very passionate about her work. Currently, she is a Junior Accountant in CPA Professional Services and also runs the in-house accounting services for KETO-TO-GO.

Before becoming an accountant, Alicja was a Communications Associate at the American Museum of National History where she was responsible for media relations support and research, and a Marketing Specialist at Mainpoint Marketing Inc.  In addition, Alicja is fluent in Polish & English.

Alicja and her 4-year old son are the first two KETO-TO-GO initial food testers when new experiments come out of the oven or freezer!






Beautiful Michelle Bivins has been an active member of the Teaneck and surrounding New Jersey communities for over twenty five years managing advertising, marketing and promotions for several local businesses at the same time as coordinating a myriad of activities and social events for her three lively children and well known radio personality husband Jeff Fox.

Michelle is extremely well known and loved in the local North Jersey community and brings a wealth of experience in bringing KETO-TO-GO to local establishments, markets, community organizations, health fairs and more.

Michelle graduated from Ohio University with a BS in Communications and spent a number of years in NYC working for some of the largest Advertising agencies in NY. After that, Michelle became known in the North Jersey area from her extremely successful outreach accomplished for several local medical professionals. Michelle literally knows everyone within a five hundred mile radius of the KETO-To-GO main office. Michelle and Iris have been friends for many years. Michelle's kids have worked for Iris in various capacities over the years, and Michelle's Golden Doodle Honey and Iris' Golden Doodles William, Diana and Leo have been Honey and Michelle's best puppy friends and play dates for years and years and years. As a mother of three wonderful grown children, Michelle is now an advocate for KETO-TO-GO and an enthusiastic supporter of the benefits the products can bring to so many who need to cut out carbohydrates and raise their fat consumption.

Keep an eye out for Michelle at local Farmer’s Markets, community events and health fairs throughout Bergen County. Taste a FREE sample of Keto-to-Go products and see how it can contribute to bettering your health.





 Trainer Deb Horn is a co-manager of the Glenpoint Spa and Fitness Center at the Marriott Marquis in Teaneck New Jersey. Deborah is regularly involved in training Iris and testing the products that come out of the KETO-TO-GO kitchen. Deb also regularly recruits her trainees to assist in tastings and providing feedback and testing of the various KETO-TO-GO products as they become available.

Actively involved with numerous gym members as they attempt to heal their bodies, gain strength, lose weight and overcome a variety of personal physical challenges, Deb is a very active team member with KETO-TO-GO bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to KETO-TO-GO advancement and focus group testing and confirmation of viability of each new product that is created in the KETO-TO-GO kitchen.