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Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The goal of a Ketogenic Diet is to stimulate KETONE production in the blood, which in turn stimulates the body to use fat as fuel, instead of glucose. We do this by completely eliminating simple carbohydrate consumption (sugar and processed desserts, breads, pastas etc,) by reducing complex carbohydrates (high fiber carbohydrate containing foods that have more health benefits) to a bare minimum; and last, by increasing healthy fats.

Carbohydrates on a strict Ketogenic Diet are limited to no more than 5-25% of your caloric intake depending on which doctor and which condition you are looking to treat. If you are just looking to lose weight, you might only need to limit your Carb intake to 30 or 40% of your caloric intake, but this is a much more casual Keto Diet. If you consume 2000 calories daily, you would theoretically not eat more than 100-500 calories of complex carbohydrates. Less restrictive High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) diets can be any variation of the above, however, the Ketogenic Diet is specifically about turning your body into a fat-burning-machine and producing Ketones. I would imagine that reducing sugar and grain consumption alone could still generate tons of health benefits, however, I am guessing that each individual will react differently from this diet and should consult with a dietitian or other medical professional that is savvy on this topic.

Dr. Mercola suggests eating no more than 20-50 Net Carbohydrates daily. Net Carbohydrates are calculated by subtracting your fiber count from the total carb count. Some, will also suggest to subtract half of your alcohol sugars from the carb count since alcohol sugars only spike your blood 50% as much as regular sugars. This is NOT approved of by Dr. Axe and some other more strict leaders of the Ketogenic Approach to healing and chemistry change of your body’s operation. There are, however, some, like those that follow the Adkins diet that will consider these sugar alcohols as acceptable. If you are concerned, you will be confused when researching as doctors are apparently disagreeing about the importance of counting or not counting the sugar alcohols. I prefer to be on the safe side. NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS FOR ME!

Everyone individual has to find what works for them. Best to find a Keto-aware medical professional or dietitian to work with you and your doctor to figure out the best path for you so you can get the results you want from your own Ketogenic Diet.

In order to do this diet on your own, you have to be a scientist, a nutritionist, a mathematician, a chef and a saint!  (Hence the creation of KETO-TO-GO: to make life easier for those who are wishing to try this life-style in order to improve the functioning of their physical organs and body processes using the chemistry that the Ketogenic Diet imposes on the body.) After what I personally have been through, I highly recommend doing this diet together with a medical professional team as it is very complicated and can have some undesired side effects depending on your physical make up and issues.

Some of the joyful experiences and tremendous health benefits listed below are copiously reported in the news.  Some of them are backed up by science and some are personal stories only and not based on science. As new videos appear and I find them, I will continue to add them to this website. While you are on the Ketogenic Diet when your brain and body are burning fat and ketones for fuel instead of carbohydrates, you might experience remission of any of the widely reported benefits from this diet that are listed below. I decided to try it to see for myself and am able to get amazing physical and emotional / intellectual benefits from being on this diet.

DISCLAIMER: While some of the conditions listed below are verified by scientific data to back up health benefits, some are based on "hear-say." Do your own research and only embark on this diet if you are working together with your own personal medical professionals, preferably ones who are experienced and knowledgeable in KETOGENICS and the most recent medical studies as they pertain o conditions mentioned below. This website is not to be construed as medical advice or in any way to be a substitute for consultation with a real doctor or medical professional of your choice. A Ketogenic Diet is extreme and can have dramatic effects on the human body. Consult with a doctor before doing this diet and read our WARNINGS page to see physical conditions that are not compatible with high fat low carb diets.

  • Acid Reflux – I healed myself of the worst case of GERD and hiatal hernia by cutting out all sugars, breads and grains and adding more healthy fats like coconut oil, and frequent avocado lemon yummies (see my desserts page!) I did this after doing endless research on the Internet about the Ketogenic Diet.  This website and the entire KETO-TO-GO company was born while I was attempting to heal myself of debilitating digestive problems. It worked for me. I decided to do this after seeing some videos on YOUTUBE with others who had had good results so I decided to try it.  Check with your doctor if this could work for you.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits – See this video on suggestions as to how and why the Ketogenic Diet has keys to cellular detox and anti-aging, presented by the well know KETONES EXPERT and RESEARCHER: Dr. Dominic D’Agostino. Here he presents a lecture on Ketones, inflammation, anti-aging and more:
  • Appetite Reduction! Cravings for sweets and overeating may be eliminated! I have been led to believe that when you eliminate sugars and most carbs from your diet, your body starts to burn fat as fuel. One resulting side effect is loss of appetite and hunger pangs. This did happen for me. I have not found scientific evidence that this could be true for others, however have heard tons of video reports on the Internet of others who have gained tremendous appetite reduction during the KETO DIET which has made dieting much easier for them.
  • Arthritis – Inflammation reduction – greater mobility and pain relief! There is a lot of scientific evidence and studies that have proven that the Ketogenic Diet has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and hence can reduce pain that is caused by a variety of inflammatory conditions. My gym trainor got tremendous relief for an injured shoulder when getting Ketones activated in her blood.
  • Blood Pressure: Rumors on the Internet suggest that blood pressure can go down in high blood pressure individuals. I have no science to prove this, my blood pressure has stayed the same on this diet.
  • Blood Sugar Balancing – Enhanced insulin sensitivity has been reported in numerous scientific studies on this diet. Some videos on the Internet posted by individuals with Diabetes Type II have reported remission and elimination of the need for Insulin. See our videos page on Diabetes II including some of the medical lectures on the subject.
  • Cholesterol Management: High Fat, Low Carb diets, with the right combination of healthy fats and healthy high fiber low carb vegetables, can help HDL (the good Cholesterol) go up (YAY!) and the LDL (bad Cholesterol buggers) go down (AN EVEN BIGGER YAY!) Doctors are fighting about this point however, the old school doctors are still hooked on the "DON'T EAT ANIMAL FAT" because of cholesterol issues, and the new doctors that are presenting lectures on Ted Talks and publishing books such as "THE CHOLESTEROL MYTH" and the like claim that there is no fact-based scientific evidence truly proving that animal fat causes Cholesterol, in fact, I've read some studies that indicate the opposite. The jury is not out on this yet, so I'm interested to see what develops over the next few years. I will be testing my own blood in another month or two after I have been on this diet for half a year and will post my results once I get them! 
  • Decrease in appetite One of the best things about eating low-carb is the automatic reduction in appetite and especially in sugar cravings! (Easier to cut calories, however, some of the yummies I have made for my KETO-TO-GO website are so good, that even with no appetite, I still want to keep chewing on my very very yummy treats!)
  • Decrease in blood sugar high/low see-sawing that cause hard-to-control food cravings. Many reports on this all over the Internet. I have not researched the science on this but I am led to believe it might be there.
  • Decrease in pain related to inflammation - See our video pages for Doctor's reports.
  • Decreased inflammation Experience less joint pain and relief from other inflammatory conditions. See medical doctor's lectures on our educational video pages.
  • Depression Elimination (if you had it, GONE!) Because your blood sugars become stable. See our video pages for doctor's reports.
  • Diabetics TYPE II– Some report that they see reversal of long term complications and stabilization of blood sugars, some report a complete remission of Diabetes Type II. See our videos and the medical studies and lectures on our Diabetes page. Reduced blood sugar and Insulin levels are the first reactions in Diabetics on the High Fat Low Carb diet.
  • Digestion Improvement A re-balancing of Yeast in Gut (death to Candita!) may be possible on this diet. Many doctors on the Internet suggest this diet to illiminate Candita. 
  • Epileptics that go on this diet can eliminate or seriously decrease number of seizures. Record high numbers over 30-50% of epileptics that can maintain this diet claim they are healed! See videos and medical studies and lectures on our Epilepsy page. There is TONS of medical research and science on this subject and over 200 hospitals in the US are now supporting KETO DIET departments for their epileptic Children. See our pages on EPILEPSY and the amazing documentaries on EPILEPTIC children and their families and what they have gone through. Heart wrenching for sure! Watching these videos was one of the reasons I built KETO-TO-GO!
  • Fat Burning, Fat Loss: (if caloric intake is also reduced) – It is heavily documented in numerous medical studies that increasing healthy fats and decreasing or eliminating sugars, grains and high carbohydrate consumption will lead to fat loss and fat burning, but not necessarily weight loss. I have found that by fasting for 46 hours each week (I fast from Wednesday evening at 7pm to 5pm on Friday) I will lose a little bit of weight and gain SO much energy and good feelings, that this has become "THE WAY" for me and is working fabulously. I feel AMAZING! I am losing fat and also losing weight, although, losing slowly because I am consuming almost double the calories than I did before starting this diet! YUMMY for me, and I am still losing weight, maybe about 2-3 pounds per month. 
  • Fitness: Improved endurance, energy and strength; great for work-outs, gym-rats and athletes! See videos posted by a variety of athletes and what they have to say about the issue.
  • Heartburn & GERD Relief: I suffered terribly from heart burn associated with my Hiatal Hernia and GERD and I had heartburn every single day for a very long time. When I started the Ketogenic Diet, it did not get better right away, it took about 4 weeks before I noticed some mild improvement and took about 8 weeks before I saw serious improvement, and after 12 weeks I was completely healed! I did a mild Ketogenic Diet of about 40-50 Net Carbs daily and about 75-80% fat. I was not in Ketosis for most of the time, but the reduced sugars, grains and carbs is what I believe healed my gut. My sleep apnea gone too!
  • Increased ability to concentrate – Enjoy increased mental clarity. After 46 hours of fasting, my mental clarity and physical energy are through the roof. This is my story. I hear similar stories on the Internet. Have not yet researched the science on this. If you find videos or lectures about this, please email them to me to include on my website!
  • Increased energy and stamina for physical activity.  Have not yet researched the science on this. If you find videos or lectures about this, please email them to me to include on my website!
  • Inflammation Reduction – Greater mobility and pain relief! See above notes.
  • Improved Sleep.  I have not yet researched the science on this. If you find videos or lectures about this, please email them to me to include on my website!
  • Mental Clarity – Mood Stabilization, Better Sleep, reduces Brain Fog and increases awareness and ability to be alert.
  • MigrainesMany anecdotal reports on the Internet say Migraines have disappeared on this diet. I can verify that to be my experience since I have suffered from Migraines for years!  I have not yet researched the science on this. If you find videos or lectures about this, please email them to me to include on my website!
  • Mood Centering (elimination of mood swings, no more ups and downs)  See our video pages for lectures and doctor's opinions on this.
  • Neuro- Protective Benefits in Seizure Disorders: Many studies are currently being done on ADHD, EPILEPSY, ADHD, ALZHEIMBERS, MEMORY AND COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS, PARKINSONS, MS, and recently opening up research into benefits for Autism, ALS, Asthma, Strokes and more! See our pages with videos and lectures on these diseases.
  • Reduced Tryglycerides – Carbohydrates increase triglycerides. Ketogenic Diet reduces them. Too many tryclycerides in your blood are associated with an increased risk in heart attacks and stroke. I have not yet researched the science on this. If you find videos or lectures about this, please email them to me to include on my website!
  • Sleep Apnea – The Ketogenic Diet cured me of my Sleep Apnea that was caused by my Acid Reflux.  It was a complete real-life nightmare with numerous chain reactions in the reduction in quality of my life. My Ketogenic Diet totally cured me of my Sleep Apnea within 12 weeks of being on the diet. It was not immediate, but it was a complete reversal!
  • Unexpected Beauty Benefits – SKIN PIMPLES CAN SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR when processed carbs and sugars are eliminated from the diet! I have not yet researched the science on this. If you find videos or lectures about this, please email them to me to include on my website!



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