To guarantee freshness and the best quality product, we make Fresh Foods every week. We are a small company - and products that need shipping we ship out on TUESDAYS to arrive 2-day overnight shipping on Dry Ice in insulated boxes - they arrive to YOU on Thursday of that week by end of the day.

LOCAL DELIVERIES can either be picked up or will be delivered to you on THURSDAYS if you are within 5 miles of our store in Teaneck. If we are using UPS Ground shipping than packages will go out on TUESDAYS with our other shipments.

Our orders will be processed every Tuesday morning so the deadline to submit orders for the following week need to arrive to us by Sunday evening at midnight. Early on Monday morning we collect all of our food orders and start processing the orders and putting together our insulated shipping containers. Tuesday morning we pick up the dry ice and pack the foods into the shipping containers and call our buddies over at UPS or FED-EX to come and get your yummies 2-day EXPRESS on Dry Ice.

So it could take one to two weeks for you to get your order from us.  The further away you are from us, the higher the shipping costs because of the need to ship frozen, we suggest buying everything you need for at least 2-3 weeks at a time to save on frequent shipping.

ALL of your food will arrive frozen. Put EVERYTHING except for cheese cakes into your freezer immediately upon receipt and if any dry ice is still inside the box, DO NOT TOUCH IT, Discard outdoors immediately and use cooking gloves to handle the ice.