Keto-To-Go Menu Calculator

Dear Keto-to-go YUMMY LOVERS!

We are so glad to, hopefully, be a part of your healing and health improvements. To help to make your calculations easier so you can plan your meals carefully and accurately according to your Dietician’s and Doctor’s recommendations, we have created an excel spreadsheet that has automatic calculators built into it to help you in adding up your Keto-To-Go Yummies’ nutrient values and making sure that you get your perfect ratios without too much effort in the planning of your meals.

If you are not certain about what ratios are best for you and would like the supervision of a KETO-EXPERT Physician (highly recommended), please click here: CONSULT WITH A KETO-EXPERT DOCTOR

To get the service of one of our dieticians to assist you in this process (highly recommended) until you can be independent, click this link here: HIRE A LICENSED KETO-EXPERT DIETICIAN

To purchase and download your KETO-TO-GO Menu Calculator – Click Here

I have a video here uploaded to YouTube that will show you exactly how to use it in a FREE LESSON. You will need to know how to use Excel on a basic level of copying and pasting items into your calculator page.