Organic Keto Four Seeds Butter Bread - Half/Loaf 6 Thick Slices

Four Seeds Butter Bread KETO Gluten Free Low Carb Ketogenic - Super Thick Slices! ORGANIC!

There are more than 9 grams of protein in one slice so CAREFUL this is NOT like regular bread! Don't be deceived by it's looks! It is very nutritious food all by itself!

Our loaves of butter breads and butter cakes heavy / thick slices and jam packed full of calories, nutrients and high fiber high protein. One slice can be a meal all on it's own. Very nice toasted open sandwich. We vacuum seal one super thick slice in one oxygen sealed container to preserve freshness during transit and freezer storage upon arrival to you.

% Fat 73%
Net Carbs per slice (all our butter cakes and breads are almost identical)
Between 1.5-2 Net Carbs Per Slice of any of our butter breads or pound cakes! In general 1 slices is 1.94 NET CARBS but because bread rises and is slightly different size per slice, we estimate 1.5-2 net carbs per slice.


    We make our products fresh weekly, we ship on Mondays & Tuesdays, you might have to wait but food will arrive fresh! We are a small start-up company and want your feedback. If we missed something on our list, reach out to us and let us know! Remember, if you order on a Monday or Tuesday, we might not be shipping till the following week UNLESS you live in our neighborhood :-)...

    We do not use any of these ingredients NO XYLITOL! NO ERYTHRITOL! NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS! NO ERYTHRITOL! YUP! That has been found to disrupt the microbiome and cause gastric disturbance! NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS such as ASPARTAME, SORBITOL, SACCHARIN, SUCRALOSE ETC… no hidden sugars of any kind EVER! ALSO NO STEVIA as we have read that Stevia can disrupt the microbiome.

    We only sweeten with the tiniest eeny weeny bit of extremely high quality Organic Monk Fruit.